Transmission and Safeguarding Practices

Continuity of Finados

Associated Cultural Forms, Traditions and Knowledge

Beeswax Candle Making; Traditional Culinary Practices

Spaces for Enactment

(What places, spaces and locations are integral to its practice?)

  • Private Residences
  • Banquitas House of Culture
  • Benque Houses of Culture
  • Corozal House of Culture
  • San Ignacio / Santa Elena House of Culture
  • San Pedro House of Culture

Communities and Groups Involved

Other Sources of Information

Contributors to this Article (including Belize ICH Network Members, National Institute of Culture and History Staff, and community informants who participated in the Inventorying Process): Ingris Can, Kenny Chan, Phylicia Pelayo, Giovanni Pinelo, Linette Sabido, Nalleli Trujillo

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Belize Living Heritage

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