The practice of crocheting is common in Belize especially among women.  Many have used it as a pastime, or as a source of income.  It allows for creative expression as the practitioner is free to create their own designs and patterns.  Doily making is considered to be a more traditional form of crocheting.  The doilies are given as gifts to friends and families as they carry sentimental value. 

While traditional doily making continues to be a common practice, the art crocheting itself has evolved with time with more modern patterns and designs being used.  Stuffed animals, hats, keychains, belts, purses, blankets and many more items are being created.  Inspiration for these new designs have been drawn from online platforms like Youtube and Pinterest

Transmission and Safeguarding Practices

Crocheting is a craft that is passed down through inter-generational transmission; therefore, most learning is done in the home.  Many schools have also begun to incorporate crocheting in their curriculum through Home Economics and creative expression / arts programs.

With the modernization of designs and easy access to creative online platforms, learning how to crochet has become more accessible.  Platforms such as Pinterest and YouTube have become a main source of inspiration that offer tutorials, making it easier to learn. 

Many who have developed a great interest in crocheting have also used online platforms to write about their experiences and share their work through blog writing.  As this continues to grow, awareness of the skill of crocheting continues to grow.  These efforts have contributed to the safeguarding of this skill. 

Continuity of Crocheting

With access to more creative inspiration and learning platforms, there has been an increase in the interest to crochet. This is especially being fueled by an economic incentive.  Modern crochet items such as stuffed animals, hats, key chains, belts, purses, wallets, and much more can be found at gift stores and sold online via Facebook and Instagram. 

The designs and patters of crocheting have evolved; however, this craft continues to be an integral aspect of many homes, schools and businesses. 

Associated Cultural Forms, Traditions and Knowledge

(What other cultural forms and traditions, skills and knowledge are necessary for carrying out this practice?)

Spaces for Enactment

(What places, spaces and locations are integral to its practice?)

  • Banquitas House of Culture
  • Private Residence

Communities and Groups Involved

  • Orange Walk District
  • Corozal District
  • Belize District

Other Sources of Information

Contributors to this Article (including Belize ICH Network Members, National Institute of Culture and History Staff, and community informants who participated in the Inventorying Process): Mrs. Teresita Alcoser, Mrs. Jenny Lopez, Elissa Waight,  Linette Sabido, Selene Solis

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